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Eastern CO: Round 2

I bet you can guess where I went this weekend? Hint: Eastern Colorado to visit the McDonald family, which included play with baby calves. As usual, I had a wonderful time visiting, relaxing, and just being out on the feed lot– there is always something to do. However, there was an unexpected incident along the […]

Recap: Festivities

Well, I meant to give you a recap on my mini-vacation yesterday, but a few things came up which I will get to later in this post. Let’s get to my trip to eastern Colorado–> I left Wednesday right after work to head to a small town almost to the Kansas/Colorado border.      For a […]

Chicago Recap

Mardi Gras weekend, I met my parents and my brother in Chicago to celebrate my brother’s and my graduation. Note: He is now a registered nurse, and I am working until I start graduate school in the fall. Although I returned a little over a week ago, I felt it would be nice to recap […]