Many of us struggle with our weight, and countless diets, workout plans, and supplements reveal our society’s drive to a body ideal.

I am not immune to those challenges.

Watching the scale go up and down through high school and college took a toll on my body physically as well as my mental well-being.

It wasn’t until January 2012–when I was at my heaviest for my 5’4 frame– that I knew I needed a change.


Also at this time, I lost a man that I considered my best friend since I was a young child, Kenny or as I refer to him Uncle Kenny. There was no tragic incident that took this kindhearted, humble man from the world, yet it was simply his time. As I struggled with his loss, I came to the realization that in order for me to live a life that would make him proud, I needed to focus on myself– image, health, and all.

After my flight back from Louisiana, I got straight to the university gym and decided that it was time to eat healthy– or my backwards view of healthy. At this point in the story, I wish I could tell you that I listened to my body and ate a nourishing, clean diet. However, the reality is I probably pushed myself too hard and ate less calories than I should. You see– I have the type of all or nothing personality that can be less than beneficial.

It’s true the weight came off– about 20 pounds of it actually. It was not until I discovered healthy living blogs that I really began to grow as a happy, healthy young adult. I learned about proper exercise, intuitive eating, and a food as fuel philosophy. As well as a little lot help from Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Program–

Warrior Dash

That’s me on the right–8 months after I embarked on my healthy journey. This was actually my first 5k, too, and consequently where I fell in love with mud runs.

Today, I am continuing with my journey and like I said I have had some ups and downs. It’s a process– one that I believe this blog will help me search through.


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