Anything But Packing

Well, we are starting off another lovely week. I hope you all enjoyed your Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Obviously, I have been busy– note the lack of postings lately. I probably have been doing EVERYTHING but packing for my move next Thursday.Let me see if I can give you a good update on la vida de Ashley.

Friday. Today was my first Friday off of work in a long time. We have been so busy with interviews for my current position that I have had to work a lot of extra hours. Of course, this does not bother the poor college kid in me. With the free time that I had, it was decided to enjoy a day outside.


This beautiful picture was taken by my lovely roommate.


After the hike, I decided to finally make a paleo casserole that I have had my eye on.

paleo dinner

What’s in it? Ground turkey, cherry tomatoes, spinach, butternut squash, and an assortment of seasonings. This actually came out pretty well and will make great lunches this week.

Saturday. Shopped at TJ Max for some race gear for my 5k mud run this Saturday. I am pretty excited although I will admit that I have not been running as much as I should.  As for the rest of my Saturday, my friend, Sarah, drove up from Denver and we went to the drive-in to see Iron Man 3.

Sunday. Cinco de Mayo was filled with laughter, Mexican food, and shenanigans. See below.

sam 2




No words needed.


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