Bring the Motivation

Well, I am sure you can tell from my posts, but I have been pretty relaxed when it comes to dieting and working out this month. Something that was clear when I stepped on the scale this morning. Seeing the scale go up even just a  few pounds does not put you in the best mood at 6 am.

Of course, I have had a lot going on and am doing my best to make the most out of my last few weeks in Colorado. My diet and exercise has fallen to the wayside. Agh– Is that not life though!

With that being said, I pushed through my workout this morning with Phase 1 of Jaime Eason’s Live Fit Trainer– back + biceps, 1 mile jog, 10 minute rowing, 10 minutes of sprints. Reading this workout makes me laugh. You can definitely tell that I was antsy this morning so I kept switching the cardio.

dirty shoes(Yikes, look at those dirty shoes.)

Overall,  it was a pretty decent workout. Phase 1 of Live Fit takes things pretty slow and focuses on building muscle. It really is a great program for beginners and those who may want a fresh start like me.

Confession– I am not following the diet portion, but still trying my best to eat healthy, whole foods.

Since I am in need of some motivation, I figured I would leave you with some inspiring images.





Get out there and do something about your goals.


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