Boston Tragedy

This morning, I am blogging with a very heavy heart. Yesterday’s tragedy leaves me speechless, and saddened by the violence of our world. So today, I am wearing one of my race shirts in support of those victims and the families of the Boston Marathon attack. If anyone is organizing any event in the northern Colorado area to further support those affected, please let me know.

When I left you yesterday, we were experiencing a lovely snow storm which ended up closing down Colorado State University and the city of Fort Collins at 3 p.m. I bet you cannot guess when I was scheduled to get off of work— 2 p.m. I just had to smirk at that fact.

Since I was not feeling to peppy yesterday, I had a craving for some comfort food. Growing up, my favorite dinner was white beans and rice, so I scavenged my small cabinet at the house. Verdict— white beans and rice is still my favorite dish.

dinner 4-15

Again, sleep was lacking last week/weekend, and it was lights out for me at 9:15 p.m. I woke up this morning feeling 10x better.

My 6:30 wake up called for a 20 minute strength circuit in my room, because I did not want to brave the streets to head into the gym. Plus, it would have taken me twenty minutes to not only locate my car, but dig myself out.


After my circuit, I showered then made a pot of coffee with breakfast.

bf 4-16

I am telling you. You haven’t truly enjoyed oatmeal and coffee until you eat it while watching the snow fall. Most peaceful breakfast ever.

As for the rest of my day, I have work and then the Tuesday night adventures begin–kidding I am not that exciting.

Fingers-crossed that I get back in the gym tomorrow.


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