Less Than Chipper

And again we face another Monday. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I know I had a lot of fun– ’twas a very busy weekend for this blogger. Okay, let me be honest, last week and weekend were exhausting with little sleep and poor eating choices. No wonder I woke up this morning less than chipper.

I have about a month left in Colorado, so I decided to make the best of these next few weeks even if it meant less sleep. After all, I can always come back for a visit, but it wont be the same as actually living here.

Thursday. After work, I met up with a friend who was all too gracious and offer to take me to the shooting range. I have probably been bothering him a little too much to teach me how to shoot a bow, and he finally let me tag along.


As it turns out, I was not half-bad, and even managed to hit the target a few times despite the bow being made for children.

Friday. I worked a long day Friday and had big plans on Thursday night to get up at sunrise to attend a yoga class offered at my gym. Those plans fell through when my 5:45 alarm went off on Friday morning. The good news: I did manage to get some physical activity in.

We celebrated my roommate, Michael’s, birthday with a busy night of broomball, dinner, and going to Old Town.


Broomball? Yeah, I had never played it either. Simply put it is hockey without the skates plus a ball and some shovel-like stick. It was definitely a lot of fun– and falling on the ice. After about an hour of running around like crazy people, we were famished and headed out to C.B. & Pott’s for dinner then out.

Saturday. I had a pretty low-key Saturday with a pancake brunch and grocery shopping. That night, I went to the Annual CSU Drag Show with two of my roommates and some friends. The show is always a lot of fun and the proceeds go to the Northern Colorado Aids Project.



Oh, we are so adorable!

Sunday. According to social media, everyone I know wanted to have a lazy Sunday, and after a very windy 2.75 mile run, I was down to do the same. It was a nice ending to a good weekend.

Overall, I ate well when I could, but did not obsess over the indulgences. I take that as a small success in my book towards a healthier pursuit. The same goes for my workouts. I mentioned a few days ago about that burn-out feeling when it comes to the gym.

We all need to stop considering work-outs as a solely a method of burning calories. If we view them as such, no wonder people stop going when they do not see the scale move! Focus on other aspects– you can run a mile without stopping or you can bench X amount of weight.

Moral of my small rant is that we need to not let our constant pursuit of the obtaining our “perfect” body keep us from enjoying life. I know I have missed out on opportunities to hang out with friends because I didn’t want to eat at a certain restaurant. When did the amount of calories we consume become more important than personal relationships?!

That is all for now. Have a good Monday.


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