Recap: Festivities

Well, I meant to give you a recap on my mini-vacation yesterday, but a few things came up which I will get to later in this post.

Let’s get to my trip to eastern Colorado–>

I left Wednesday right after work to head to a small town almost to the Kansas/Colorado border.


For a little over a three hour drive, it sure feels long— unending stretches of fields with cattle. Not much to sight-see.

I got there Wednesday night and we headed into town for Jessica and Tawna’s town volleyball game of which I became the unofficial score keeper.

Thursday consisted of tagging calves that were born the previous night, assisting with a cake decorating class, and ended with a good ole’ steak dinner.

Baby calf

This little one didn’t have a momma to claim, so we bottle fed him.

Friday was much of the same, but we drove down to Springfield for the wedding and rehearsal dinner.

Saturday was the wedding.. Congrats Brad and Kristen! It truly was a beautiful, small town wedding.


Jessica and me at the church

Ava Jess

Me, Ava, Jessica

A night filled with good food, family, friends, and a lot of dancing.

Sunday was a recovery day from the wedding festivities before I started off on the long trek home– probably a total of 6 hours driving.

I have made this drive before and it is pretty straight forward, but my rear passenger tire had other plans.


Thank you, road side assistance.

Needless to say, yesterday was filled with car maintenance errands which took a little too long for my liking.

As for today, I am back on track to my healthy eating and exercise routine. I have to say that I did not eat the cleanest over my extended weekend, but I did not over-indulge either– part of the challenge.  We are not going to be able to strategically plan our life. You should always give yourself a little wiggle room.


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