Severe winter storm, not

Another Monday begins with the old reliable, oatmeal and coffee.


Sometimes, I wonder if I ever will get sick of my two consistent breakfast choices– oatmeal or greek yogurt. Let’s hope not, because these two are just to easy to make in las mananas.

Weekend Recaps:

The weatherman was warning for several days last week of a severe winter storm advisory that was supposed to leave almost a foot of snow in the area. So as a Louisianan loathing to drive in the snow, I rescheduled my Saturday hair appointment in preparation. Okay, let’s be honest, this text exchange with my mother sums up my preparation for winter storm survival.


Maybe, I am the only one who finds this hilarious.

With the storm dropping about 1 inch of snow in my college town, I opted to run some errands with my roommate, make chicken enchiladas with Cafe Mexicali creamy habanero sauce (all that is wonder with FOCO Mexican food) , and watch a movie with a friend.

I also was able to get in a nice 5k run at the gym. I know it is so hard to call a treadmill run nice, but I am determined to be a runner, no matter how slow I am or how much I whine about it.

5 k Mar 9

Sunday, funday:

Well, yesterday was supposed to be my rest day, but it turned into an hour and a half long hike– active rest. I will tell you I am sore today!

Hike to A

It was decided that Christian and I would hike to the A– mainly because we are both too poor to pay for a parking pass in Lory State Park.

CSU History Lesson:

Chapter One: The “A”

The letter “A” adorns the western hillside of Fort Collins. Colorado State University was formerly called Colorado A & M, and students were referred to as “Aggies.” The “A” was first white-washed in 1924. It became a tradition for freshmen to paint the letter every year. The Tradition continues today.

Hike 2

It is really a nice hike, and the weather was pretty good, a little windy, but not enough to complain.

Somewhere along the way, we started chasing deer.

Hike 1

The rest of my Sunday was pretty lazy and left me well rested for another week.


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