Apologies for the MIA Status

Again, apologies for the disappearance on my part– honestly, I just wasn’t used to the blogging groove.

However, let’s do this– Blogging Attempt #2:

Recapping my week

Well, the new season of Duck Dynasty came on last Wednesday, and of course, I cannot wait until tonight’s episode. I ended up at my friend’s house, and we ordered pizza and got frozen yogurt, surprise to everyone.


Sunday, I decided to accompany my roommate to Denver. He had to grab a few things from his parents’ house and run a few errands. After that we decided to go shopping at Cherry Creak, which was fun.Ralph Lauren

I fell in love with this little gem at Ralph Lauren. However, the price tag was not what I was looking for, $498.00. Needless to say, this shopping trip was a no-go for Ashley.

Yesterday, I was invited by a friend to the Backcountry Film Festival at New Belgium Brewery.

CMC Film Festival

This event was hosted by the Colorado Mountain Club and was so much fun. The films were inspirational in that they were encouraging audiences to push yourself physically and mentally to both enjoy and preserve the beauty that is winter sports.

And now to fast forward to today.

To begin it is my lovely friend’s birthday, Sarah. *Shout out*


I will be meeting her later tonight to chow down eat some P.F. Chang’s, and really catch up on life. Since she moved from me, these times seem to be few and you can’t get the same thing from texting.

In other news, my father’s plane ticket has been booked, and it looks like Louisiana will be my home on May 18th. This is such a bittersweet realization. I have been talking about moving for so long, yet it seemed like something that would happen in the distant future. I am so thankful for this Colorado experience, the friends that I have made, and my family’s support.


Alas, it is time that I go on to the next chapter in my life. BUT, I will be back in July for Jess and David’s wedding.



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