There is a plan

Well, I left you with my plans to get a workout in despite the snow and cold temperatures– yeah, that didn’t happen.

After receiving a phone call with a bit of discouraging news, I knew I needed to take a me day. You see– I have this lovely 5 month window before I move back to Louisiana where I am working part-time at my office job, and the plan was to find a second job and work my little butt off for tuition money. As life tends to remind us all, things do not go as planned, but I just keep reminding myself that God has his plan.

Still, I decided to go home, warm up a cup of hot chocolate, and watch Dear John. I read the book some years ago, and have been putting off watching the movie. I didn’t want to be disappointed but it wasn’t too bad.
After the movie, I got a text from my friend, Christian. He was running in the snow like a mad man and wanted to stop by the house. I am telling you this kid’s dedication amazes me– and he claims he hates to run.  I have to push myself to run by signing up for races, but you would never see me running in the winter wonderland that was Colorado last night.

To brighten my evening, we decided to go for TCBY. Okay, he had to do some convincing, but you never regret frozen yogurt.


Since I took yesterday off, I decided to wake up bright and early to head to the gym.

I got there a little after 6:15 and completed a hodge-podge sort of workout.

Workout Agenda:
1 mile run
Crossfitish Circuit: Complete 6 rounds for time, 10 reps each exercise

  1.   Air squat
  2. Push-ups
  3. Butterfly sit ups

10 minutes on the rowing machine
Circuit 2: Complete 5 rounds, 10 reps each exercise

  1. Kettle ball swings
  2. Mountain climbers

Round it off with 10 minutes of stretching

This workout definitely wore me out, and since I had a later shift at work, I decided to take my time getting ready and spent the morning lounging around the house.

Agh, those are the best days.


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