Winter Blues

The weatherman got it right– snow today.

CSU Normally, snow is not my thing, but I have to say that the fresh snow this morning reminded me of how dry this Colorado winter has been. I was happy to see it despite the fact that I had to get up earlier to clear off my car and venture out on to the roads.

This morning started off as usual with breakfast and Fresh Prince of Bel Air re-runs.

BF 2/21/13

My breakfast choices seem to always include two options– oatmeal or greek yogurt.

Today was Fage Greek yogurt with 3 tablespoons of Great Value Indulgent Trail Mix. Honestly, I have to measure this out or I would eat it by the cup full.

And off to work as usual with my handy lunch bag– a ham sandwich and carrots are on the menu.

Lunch 2/21/13

Yes and a diet coke *gasp*… Healthy eaters worst nightmare, but this bad habit of mind will be for another post. I am thinking a blog on health and diet coke or maybe a no diet coke challenge soon.

Exercise Agenda: Since I did light cardio and strength yesterday, I think I will go for a run and stretch today or yoga. However, due to the weather, I am fighting the urge to simply just curl up with a cup of hot chocolate after work.

How do you keep from derailing your winter workouts?

Yesterday’s Workout:

30 Minutes on the elliptical at low-moderate intensity– Reading the new Health magazine

Circuit A: Complete circuit 3 times
Upright row to shoulder press while standing on a bosu ball
Frog hops, 10 reps
Crunches on bosu ball, 15 reps

Circuit B: Complete circuit 3 times
Squat on bosu ball, hold 30 seconds
Sit ups, 15 reps
Single leg squats, 10 each leg

And round it off with a good 10 minutes of stretching



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