Cold morning, hot oatmeal

Walking to work this morning can only be described with one word cold.  Okay, so maybe it is only 20 degrees here, but I don’t think this southern girl will ever get used to the cold weather. It was definitely a North Face jacket kind of day– lets be honest that is everyday most days.

Today is day one of blogging for me, and at first, I was at a loss of where to start. Let me first offer the names of some of my blogging inspirations– Peanut Butter Fingers, Carrots n Cake, Run Eat Repeat, and Healthy Hits the Spot. I have certainty enjoying reading their posts and learning some useful tips along the way.

Since this is a blog about my attempts at a healthy, happy life, my blog goals are to give readers a glimpse into my daily routine while offering my personal insight into various topics. And with that, we will begin with arguably the best meal of the day, breakfast.

Breakfast 2/20/13

This morning is a no-brainer breakfast for me– oatmeal, half a banana, dark chocolate dreams peanut butter, and coffee.

If you have not tried Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter from Peanut Butter Co., I would highly recommend it. It is my newest obsession in life.



Now where were we? Before I jump full force into a blogging routine, let me give you a bit of a run through on a few categories.

Food. My relationship with food has had its ups and downs. I have tried diets– some healthy, others not– and to no ones surprise none have really been able to stick. I tend to be an all or nothing  kind of person. With this blog, I hope to find balance with food and with life as well as spicing up my daily menu.

Fitness. Currently, I work out about 4-5 days a week and incorporate some form of strength and cardio into my routine. Blog plans– update readers on what I am up to at the gym, races, etc. Also, I am in search of opportunities to be active outside of the gym. Actually, I am counting down the days until my beginner fencing lessons start– 39 days, if you are curious.



This adventure was a spur of the moment decision really. After visiting with an old friend, he inspired me to try something new after telling me about his 2013 goal to do something new every month. Of course, I also have to thank Matt for paying the registration fee (Valentine’s Day present).

Life. As far as life goes, I am doing pretty well– surrounded by loving family and friend, work (even if just part-time), and big life events to come (moving, friends’ weddings, etc.)

Adding more spice into my healthy gumbo of life.


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